Overview of Industrial Rights

Administer intellectual property of your clients in a well-arranged way. Let the system watch the deadlines and save time.

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Trade Mark Monitoring

Spectra® monitors the trademarks being applied for in the databases IPO, OHIM and WIPO and will display possible collisions with the trademarks of your clients. Everything is automatic. 

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Trade Mark Searches

Search simply, quickly and surely! Spectra® will find not only identical but also similar trademarks. Daily updated.

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The complex system
for administration of the intellectual property 

Do you want to conduct the administration of trademarks or patents in a better-arranged way? Do you need a system that watches all the deadlines? Do you want to save time during monitoring or searches of trademarks?

Since 2003 we have been operating the system specially intended for these needs. And not only for these!

Spectra® is a complex information system for the administration of trademarks, patents, industrial and utility designs. With its modules the system covers the complete administrative work of a patent attorney including monitoring and searches of trademarks and so offers better control over all the cases of industrial rights, costs and processes in the company. 

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It saves time and costs. And it makes money.

Let Spectra make money! Thanks to the monitoring service you may monitor the trademarks for your client. 

Spectra watches newly released applications in the databases OHIM and WIPO (for EU) and automatically makes a report of potentially collision trademarks. You will only check the report regularly. 

Everything runs automatically, updating is carried out every night. Lighten your workload. It is so easy!

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